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7 Jan 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: Create custom pages for you and your users

Custom pages on the Lexis Advance service are a convenient way to combine frequently searched content groups, publications and tools. If you’re doing research for specific individuals frequently or have a large research project, save time by creating a custom page with the go-to sources needed for quick access. You can share a custom page as well.

Start by expanding on Explore Content from the Lexis Advance home page and select Custom Pages:

Select Create a custom page:

Name the custom page and then click Create Page.

Note: Administrators may also set up a non-billable zone page by checking the box below.

Add a new content group:

Expand on Explore Content and select Content Type here and click through for specific publications within a content group:

Select publications, and name and save the content group:

To search, go to your custom page and select Search all sources on this page:

Search results will be filtered to those sources: