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6 Sep 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: Gain judicial insights quickly with new Lexis Answers™ judge entity cards

The Lexis Answers tool includes judge entity cards for insightful information on a judge of interest. Simply enter the word judge, magistrate or justice and a judge’s name in the Red Search Box on Lexis Advance. Your search results will also include a Lexis Answers card on the judge.

The judge entity card includes background information and links to recent and noteworthy (seminal cases), as well as cases frequently cited by the judge and cases citing to the judge. Tens of thousands of judges are covered, from federal to local.

The Lexis Answers tool is a timesaving feature that utilizes artificial intelligence, powerful machine learning and advanced natural language processing technologies to help determine the intent behind the user’s legal question, delivering a concise and authoritative answer to common legal questions. Lexis Answers currently covers definitions, elements, burdens of proof, standards of review, statutes of limitation, seminal cases and judge entity cards.