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8 Aug 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: Helpful Segments for Trademark and Expert Witness Research

Several segments were recently released on Lexis Advance®.  For the Trademark database there is TRADEMARK and MARK-DESCRIP, while in the Expert Witness materials the EXPERT segment will now be available.

Here is what each of these segments do:

  • TRADEMARK—This is a group segment that will search the Name, Word Wheel, WIPO Design, Description, Lining-Stippling, Name-Consent, Pseudomark, Greek, and Translation fields of the trademark.
  • MARK-DESCRIP—This segment will restrict the search to the Description of the Trademark
  • EXPERT—This segment will enable users to restrict their searches to documents specifically pertaining to an expert in the Expert Witness Testimony & Reports and Expert Witness Challenge content types.

All of these segments are available in the relevant Advanced Search Forms.

These are segments will help increase efficiency and breadth of research when doing this type of trademark and expert witness research.