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16 Apr 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: How to change your Sort By default on Lexis Advance®

On Lexis Advance the system defaults to showing you search results in relevance order. You can change to other options, such as Date (newest-oldest), when looking at a search result set by using the Sort by options located on the right of the results page:

And, you can permanently change the Sort by to reflect your preference by content type, saving you from having to change it every time. Click Edit default order, or access Settings via the More drop-down menu:

Note the default “Sort by” Settings for each content type. To change the default for a specific content type, click the corresponding down arrow under the Sort By column:

You can change any type of content, and keep adding content by clicking Add content types.

Improve your workflow and save yourself a few clicks by setting the defaults to your preferences.