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29 Apr 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: Optimize reading documents online with reading pane options.

Are you finding yourself reading more online while working from home? Maybe you don’t have a printer close at hand or the ability to print the volume of items you did at the office. If so, Lexis Advance includes a feature that will give your eyes a break when reading online. The reading pane allows users to increase and decrease font sizes and removes related content.

When viewing a document in full, note the square box with four arrows pointing outward in the upper-right corner:

Click on it, and the full-text item appears with all other features removed. It is a clean page, optimized for reading online. You can also increase or decrease the font for an easier reading experience, depending on your device. And you can return to the usual results page by clicking on the reading pane icon:

Give this reading pane a try and see if it improves your online reading experience!