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4 Jun 2019 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: Quickly compare search results with Research Map on the Lexis Advance® service

The Compare Search Results feature in Research Map enables you to choose up to three searches (or filtered searches) of the same content type to find the documents common to all searches included.

Access Research Map from History in the top navigation bar.

Select the searches you want to see and compare under Show Trails in the filter panel on the left.

Click the gold box containing the number of results for each search you want to compare (up to three), and click Select search to compare search results. The number of searches is noted in the Compare Search Results button.

After clicking the Compare Search Results button, you will retrieve the list of documents that are common to each search result compared. In this example, 510 cases are included in both search results.

Watch the Research Map how-to video for more details on the power of Research Map on Lexis Advance.