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3 Feb 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Nexis Newsdesk® Research Tip of the Month: Creating and Editing Your Search Template

Save time when searching on Newsdesk by creating a search template frequently used pre-search filters. To adjust these settings, click the drop-down menu to the right of My Content from the saved content area. Then, select the Edit search default option.

From here, you can make the selections that work best for you. Below, note the media type is set to three options.


Once you have made all your selections, click the Save Changes button. After these settings have been saved, you will need to either click New Search or navigate back to the landing page where you can begin searching with your new search defaults in place. You can always change the filters of a new search if you prefer not to use your template. Changes to the template are not applied retroactively to saved searches, only for new searches.