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6 Oct 2021 Author : Joyce Kirkpatrick Magruder

Nexis Newsdesk™ Research Tip of the Month: Manually Edit Newsletter Content With Edit & Send

Have you ever needed to rearrange and delete newsletter articles before they are delivered? Now there is an easy way to do this manually from the Edit & Send now button.   

From the Share > Newsletters tab, select the newsletter you would like to edit and click Edit & Send now, which gives you the option to editorially preview and edit newsletter content before sending.

  • Enhanced theme newsletters
    • Clicking on the side of each article will give you two options.
      • Click on the X to delete an article.
      • Select the dotted lines to drag and drop to rearrange the articles.


  • Nexis Newsdesk mobile modern theme
    • Delete articles by clicking the X next to the article.

This is an easy and seamless way to further curate content on Nexis Newsdesk.