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6 May 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Nexis Newsdesk™ Research Tip of the Month: Searching for Headlines From a Specific Source

There are a couple of easy ways to access headlines from one source on the Nexis Newsdesk service to alert users to new and relevant content in publications they want to monitor. 

Following are both approaches: 

  1. From Boolean Query expand on More Filters and go to Sources.
    • Enter the source name and select the specific source. The source will appear in Selected sources.

    • Click Search > Save Search and Refine search to specific date range if needed.

  1. You can also do this seamlessly from the Search > Manage Sources
    • From here search for the name of the publication, select the publication, then View in Search.

    • All of the headlines from the publication that are in the Nexis Newsdesk service will be in the results; from here edit the date range to narrow down to the most recent articles.

    • Once headline search is set up, click Save Search and follow the steps to Create Newsletter.

Both of these strategies enable you to easily set up a headline newsletter to help clients stay abreast of the key resources that keep them informed.