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4 Aug 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Nexis Newsdesk™ Tip of the Month: Customize your Settings

You can customize your Newsdesk experience to increase your efficiency through the Settings link below your name.

You are able to change the interface to reflect your preferences connected to certain data points you see. Below are the default settings for an Admin ID:

I’ve changed settings to reflect my preferences, this includes seeing more results on the screen by changing the default from 25 to 50, setting the Article Time to Exact, the Time Format to a 12-hour clock, and more:

These changes make my experience of Newsdesk much better. I no longer have to translate the 24-hour clock time to the 12-hour clock time, and I see the exact time an article was added to Newsdesk, instead of seeing that it was added 5 hours ago. And I’ve set the time zone I prefer, saving me making that time zone change in my mind when I create a newsletter.

To illustrate what this means, here’s an article in results that shows when it is set to the 24-hour clock:

And when it is set to the 12-hour clock:

This is what an article shows when the setting is for Relative Time:

And when it is set to Exact Time (and the 12-hour clock):


Finally, when I create a newsletter, I now see the time zone I prefer as a default:

Consider making changes to your Newsdesk settings, too!