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9 Sep 2021 Author : Nikki DiNatale

Nexis Newsdesk™ Tip of the Month: Use Nexis Newsdesk Insights to Fine-Tune Searches

Looking for a way to speed up evaluation of your search results? Earlier this year, the  Nexis Newsdesk service was updated with an Insights tab that automatically generates a variety of analytics based on each search you run. This can be a helpful tool to make sure your search is picking up the type of results you would like to capture. Simply run a search, then click on the Insights tab.

You can review the top stories, and if those are not quite what you need, return to your Results tab and fine-tune your search strategy with filters or additions. 

Once you have the results you want, you can save the search and put it into play with a newsletter, exported RSS feed or dashboard.