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5 Jul 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Nexis Newsdesk™ Updates | August 2020

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August 2020

Designed for legal information professionals, this newsletter will keep you abreast of key product enhancements and related information to enrich your Nexis Newsdesk™ experience.

What's New?
  • To transfer someone’s feeds/assets when they leave a firm, use the Shared Asset Transfer feature.

Search Enhancements:

  • Simple search provides an easy, template-driven option for searching the Nexis
    Newsdesk service without knowing commands and search syntax.
  • On simple search, edit filters post-search using search templates or Boolean.
  • Noise filters allow easy filtering to exclude business news, sports, obituaries and other types of articles.
  • Source index filters have been added.
  • Boolean search assistant—selections from the search assistant will now appear as chips that represent entity tags within Nexis Newsdesk. This means if your company search changes names, the search will continue to work.
  • Search results optimization—search details now include where the search is being used. (Click on the search settings gear icon next to the name of the search on the results screen, then choose View Details from the drop-down menu.)
  • Editing/saving your search template is now called Edit search default.
  • To access details of your feed, select from the drop-down menu of the feed.

Results Enhancements:

  • Coverage over time charts have been added to results, allowing you to expand on trends.
  • Article previews have been added to results to quickly see an excerpt and other information from the article prior to clicking on the full text. Note, for LexisNexis® licensed sources, the preview provides a view of the full text.
  • View load date and publish date within search results by hovering over the date on an article. The current default for results display is load date.

Share Enhancements:

  • Create a newsletter from the search results screen. Click the bell icon next to your search name and a pop-up screen will appear to guide you. Or click the Actions link.
  • Export a search and gain access to your export link all without leaving the results view. Click the Actions link.
  • All alerts have been shifted to “newsletter” themes to remove confusion between alerts and newsletters. A new “Newsletter Simple” theme was added to mimic the look and feel of the alerts.
  • Export newsletters and access up to 30 days of newsletter content by selecting navigation arrows on the exported feed page. Click the “i” next to the name of your newsletter on the Share/Newsletters or Manage Emails tab.

Note: Find information on recent Nexis Newsdesk enhancements anytime by clicking the “?” in the lower-right corner in Nexis Newsdesk, and clicking on What’s New? Also, feel free to reach out to your LexisNexis® Knowledge & Research Consultant.


User Tips

Boolean Search Tips:

  • Connector priority: The Nexis Newsdesk service reads your Boolean search left to right. In other words, unlike the Lexis Advance® service, there is no connector priority.
  • Use parentheses, especially around alternative words (OR). Because there is no connector priority, you should always enclose the alternative words (when using the OR) in parentheses.

surveillance NEAR/5 (drone OR “unmanned aerial vehicle” OR uav)
Without the parentheses, Nexis Newsdesk would see this as three searches: first, the surveillance NEAR/5 drone, then the phrase “unmanned aerial vehicle” on its own, and finally uav on its own. This could skew your results in a potentially significant way.

  • Increase the likelihood of an article being about a topic by ensuring your search term or phrase appears a certain number of times. Use the MULTIPLE/# command to ensure this (analogous to the atleast command in the Lexis Advance service).

MULTIPLE/10:chocolate surveillance NEAR/5 (drone OR “unmanned aerial vehicle” OR uav) AND MULTIPLE/3:privacy

  • Create a feed and newsletter of just one (or just a few) specific sources. This delivers all articles from the one or the group of specified sources. Using the Boolean search tab, follow these steps.

- Leaving the search box blank, and making sure the source(s) you want are covered by your media types (online news and print, generally), click More filters.

boolean query

- Click the Sources tab, and type the name of the publication into the Search box in the filter.


- Click on the version(s) of that publication from the resulting list and you’ll see they appear to the right. The LexisNexis licensed version will have the LexisNexis Knowledge Burst logo.

sources search

- Save the results and create a new newsletter.

Results Screen Tips:

  • Take full advantage of your results pages. When a search retrieves more than 200 documents, you are not seeing 200 on the first page of results; check your settings by using the drop-down menu under your name in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Print or download a page of results one of two ways.

- Click the selection box at the top of the results page to Select all articles on page, then click the More link and make your selection. Note: choosing full text will only include full text of LexisNexis licensed articles.

- A simple approach is to use your browser functions to easily print or save as a PDF file the first page of your results
(or any subsequent pages).


Admin User Tips
  • Download reports: Go to the drop-down menu under your name in the upper-right corner of the screen, and click Admin & Usage Stats (Admin users only). Click the blue Download Report button on the screen.
  • Currently available for download in Excel® format are reports covering up to the last 90 days of Nexis Newsdesk activity for the following:
    - Account Overview Report
    - User Overview Report
    - Newsletter Report
    - Saved Search Report
    - Source Report


Nexis Newsdesk Training & Support Resources

The introduction webinar recording has been updated and split into short, topic-specific parts. Find these updated videos and additional resources on the Nexis Newsdesk Training & Support page on the LexisNexis InfoPro site.

Nexis Newsdesk™ Introductory Videos:

For a guide to Targeted COVID-19 research in Nexis Newsdesk, click the “?” icon when in the product and select Support Resources.