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7 Apr 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Resources for Litigators

Discover LexisNexis® Resources for Intellectual Property, Technology and Data Security & Privacy

Discover LexisNexis® Resources for 

Litigation Resources available through LexisNexis
The Lexis Advance platform boasts a stunning array of resources to assist a litigator including:
  • Secondary analytical content and practical guidance from treatises and practice guides including Moore’s Federal Practice and The Wagstaffe Group Practice Guide: Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial
  • Visualization tools including Search Term Maps, Shepard’s, and Ravel View
  • Easy to use tools to find additional content including More Like This Headnote and Legal Issue Trail
  • A whole Practice Center for litigation resources and more!
  • Jury Verdicts
  • Briefs, Pleadings & Motions
  • Lexis Practice Advisor for Civil Litigation


Researching Expert Witnesses
The opposing party has identified its expert witness. That expert’s testimony had been deemed unreliable in prior lawsuits because of the methodology used.  Such a ruling and the exact language used by the Judge with respect to the Expert could be very damaging in a current case.  But how do you locate this information? 
This webinar will highlight various types of online sources from Lexis Advance that can be used to gather information about an expert and assess the admissibility of that expert’s testimony (whether one’s own or the opposing party) including tips and strategies for using the information found.  Moreover, attendees will learn how to incorporate Context from Lexis Advance into their Expert Witness research workflow.  Context, a language analytics resource will allow users to  
• Know the challenge history and outcomes for an expert witness; and
• Know how often an expert’s testimony was excluded and more specifically the reasons WHY

Register for this 20-minute webinar on Tues, April 14th at 2pm ET 

Researching Judges/Build Better Motions
Judges have a huge impact on a case because of their style, knowledge and tendencies.  It is vital to research them.  What if you knew that your Judge always cites to the same opinion and the same sentence in every Motion to Dismiss decision?  Wouldn’t you want to know that and use it to your advantage? 
This webinar will highlight various online sources from Lexis Advance that can be used to gather information about a Judge including tips and strategies for using the information found. 
  • Know the argument that your Judge finds most persuasive; and
  • Pinpoint the language, precedents and even other judges your judge finds most compelling


Leverage Practical Guidance using Lexis Practice Advisor by exploring an actual task or topic

  • Learn how to quickly locate pre-organized practical guidance notes, sample letters, checklists, and secondary materials 
  • Accessing time saving practical guidance materials written by leading practitioners, including Partners from Gibson Dunn, Hogan Lovells, Sheppard Mullin, and Winston & Strawn
  • Quickly accessing relevant sections of expert treatises 
  • Navigate precedent used in recent deals and filings

Register for any of these 10-minute Lexis Practice Advisor task-based webinars:

  • Making & Opposing Motions

Register for this 10-minute webinar on Mon, April 6th at 4pm ET


  • Fundamentals of Arbitration Resources

Register for this 10-minute webinar on Tues, April 28th at 2pm ET