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5 Apr 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Access lengthy documents faster with the KWIC™ (Key Words In Context) display

The KWIC™ (Key Words In Context) display option is now available with some Lexis Advance® results to help you quickly and efficiently determine the relevance of longer full-text documents. Simply click the KWIC button in the top-right corner of the full-text document (see image below). KWIC displays your highlighted search terms surrounded by a window of text you can adjust. (The default is 50 searchable words on each side of the search terms.) You can change the number of words by selecting the KWIC ± 50 button once you select KWIC. After you make the change, the new number setting remains until you change it again. The KWIC display is available in full-text cases, news and legal news documents, and IP content. You can also deliver (i.e., print, email, download) in KWIC for these content types.

To learn more and see screenshots, visit the Lexis Advance New Enhancements page or download the New Enhancements flyer.