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24 Feb 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Accessibility Hotkeys Now Available to Aid Visually Impaired Users on Lexis+®

Hotkeys are now available in the Lexis+® document view. These will allow vision-impaired users (and others) to quickly jump down to a specific location in the document. This enhancement will save visually impaired researchers using JAWS® screen reading software or other screen readers a significant amount of time.

To activate the pop-up menu that shows the hotkeys, the user needs to hit CTRL-ALT-H. 

Full list of hotkeys:

Ctrl + Alt + H

Open/close this hotkey reference

Ctrl + Alt + Back

Go back to the results page

Ctrl + Alt + Left

Go to the previous document

Ctrl + Alt + Right

Go to the next document

Ctrl + Alt + P

Go to the right-side panel

Ctrl + Alt + S

Open/Close the Search Term Map

Ctrl + Alt + T

Open/Close the Table of Contents

Ctrl + Alt + <

Go to the previous section

Ctrl + Alt + >

Go to the next section

Ctrl + Alt + M

Go to the product switcher in the global menu

Ctrl + Alt + F

Go to the footer and select the first link

Ctrl + Alt + Up

Go to the start of the document or dialog

Ctrl + Alt + Down

Go to the end of the document or dialog

Ctrl + Alt + G

Select the Go to page option

Ctrl + Alt + O

Select the Folders toolbar option

Ctrl + Alt + L

Open/close the search term list

Ctrl + Alt + I

Select the right-side panel Info tab

Ctrl + Alt + N

Select the right-side panel Notes tab

Ctrl + Alt + A

Select the right-side panel Analytics tab

Ctrl + Alt + R

Open/close Read mode

Ctrl + Alt + E

Select the first edit button; open the editor if only one button

Ctrl + Alt + D

Select the first delete button; open the delete dialog if only one button

Ctrl + Alt + Plus

Press Save, Submit, OK or Yes button

Ctrl + Alt + Minus

Press Cancel, Close or No button

Ctrl + Alt + 1

Select the first tab (Document)

Ctrl + Alt + 2

Select the second tab

Ctrl + Alt + 3-9

Select up to nine tabs

These hotkeys are available on Lexis+ only.