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24 Sep 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Analytics from Context and Lex Machina® now integrated into Practical Guidance

Select Practical Guidance offerings now include market-leading analytics and visualizations from Context and the Lex Machina service embedded within applicable content. These Practical Guidance enhancements will appear on both the Lexis and  Lexis+ services in select practice areas, with more to come.

You will notice analytics as part of your regular legal research workflow, using practice notes, forms, etc. to help you conduct tasks more efficiently. For example, you will be able to see the chart from within the Practical Guidance content with a “current as of date” with the ability to link to an updated chart on Context or Lex Machina without a subscription. Those who are subscribers that want to interact with the chart or get additional data will be automatically authenticated to Context and/or the Lex Machina service.

Context integration:

Lex Machina integration: