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6 Jan 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Brief Analysis

Brief Analysis helps you build stronger arguments and legal documents by finding additional relevant materials with targeted research recommendations and Shepard’s® analysis, based on the citation patterns and legal concepts found in your document.

Recent enhancements include: the integration of the Shepard’s case card with Reason for Shepard’s Signal™ and identification of cases at risk; case recommendations with key passages; and heat map navigation capabilities.

Start by selecting the Brief Analysis experience from the Experience Dock on the Lexis+ home page. Then, either drag and drop a file or browse your directory to select a file to upload.


After the analysis of your document is complete, access the dashboard for a visual overview of the results and recommendations, as well as a list of important legal concepts that were extracted from your document and used to map to other relevant documents. Review content via the dashboard or tabs at the top.

Case Recommendations
help you strengthen your argument or find weaknesses in opposing counsel’s brief. View case recommendations tied to key passages in your document.

Similar Briefs
review “like” briefs that include legal concepts and cites from your document.

Citied in Your Document
provides the cases and citations extracted from your document and the Shepard’s analysis for updated review.


View this short Brief Analysis How-to Video.