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5 Aug 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Check out new Lexis Advance® CourtLink® Enhancements

Separate deliveries of track and alert summary emails

Alert and track summary emails are now delivered separately. This change will help you manage your incoming results. All track activity is summarized in one email, and new docket alerts are in another.

With this change, you can opt to send yourself separate emails for each type of alert you are running. If you receive multiple types of alerts for different purposes, such as routing them to different end recipients, you can more flexibly manage your daily results.  

Delivery of attached dockets in track summary emails

Another new delivery feature is the option to attach tracked dockets to your summary emails. While individual track emails have always allowed attached dockets, this enhancement lets you receive all your dockets in one place, attached to your full list of tracks.

The dockets can be combined into a single file, which is valuable for large numbers of tracks. It simplifies the process of reviewing all the dockets at once, and is much faster than opening each docket individually.

Review Alert Settings to modify these delivery options. The new page replaces the Summary Email on/off switch on the main Alerts page.