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11 Dec 2019 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Check out these exciting Nexis Newsdesk™ enhancements

Significant enhancements have been added to Nexis Newsdesk recently. 

  • Nexis Newsdesk has been integrated with LexisNexis streamlining back-office functions, including:
    • Ability to access Nexis Newsdesk with your Lexis Advance® ID
    • Integration of invoicing and billing data
  • Streamlined search results improve readability and navigation and include the display of the 10 most-used filters and article preview pop-outs.
  • “Did you mean” functionality
  • RSS privatization and naming: Firm-added RSS feeds are visible to the firm only.

  • Ability to export newsletters and share via other internal channels, e.g., intranet, accessed through the Alerts/Newsletter page

  • Ability to receive newsletters through mobile app
  • Sharing newsletters externally (e.g., to a client) is now available via a subscription amendment.

Learn more about Nexis Newsdesk here.