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29 Jul 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Check out these new Nexis Diligence™ enhancements

  • Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Data Now Available
    Nexis Diligence now includes Dun & Bradstreet® ultimate beneficial ownership data, which helps more easily identify and verify a company’s ultimate beneficial owner. Data is presented in either a simple or expanded tree view (which shows linked relationships to others in the organizational structure), or in table format (which provides the information more linearly). Data found can be included in a company report.
  • Updates to reports
    The cover page in a single report delivered from Report Builder has been improved. The look and feel have been standardized throughout the report, and the overview about what is included in the report is clearer. The number of documents per content type has also been added to the cover page.
  • Updates to alerts
    While viewing the Manage Alerts page in Nexis Diligence, a user can now sort alerts by name, alert status, date created or date the alert was last updated (which is a new viewing option for alerts).  Additionally, document abstracts (including highlighted search terms) are now included in alert emails. (This is the same abstract that appears in the results list.) Search terms are also highlighted.
  • Updates to Company Source category
    When viewing the results list for a Company Source, each result now includes the company address, as well as SIC and NAIS numbers (where available).

       Learn more at Nexis Diligence Support & Training.