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20 Jan 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Clause-Specific Filters Added to Practical Guidance on Lexis+®

This enhancement will help users find the right clauses for their agreements more efficiently. After running a search in Practical Guidance, the user can select the Clause content type filter. Then, additional filters will appear on the left side of the screen, providing the ability to browse at a more granular level. Clause filters include:

  • Clause Type: specific type of clause (indemnity, covenant, etc.)
  • Document Type: type of document needed (e.g., stock purchase agreement) for more on-point language
  • Point of View Type: language more favorable toward one party (pro-seller, pro-lender, etc.)
  • Consideration Type: type of consideration for the transaction (stock, cash, debt)
  • Loan Type: type of loan for the transaction (term loan, letter of credit)
  • Property Type: type of property that is the subject of the transaction (commercial, residential, multifamily)

Currently, filters are available for clauses in these practice areas: Antitrust, Business Entities, Commercial Transactions, Corporate and M&A, Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation, Energy & Utilities, Finance, Intellectual Property, Labor & Employment, Private Equity & Investment Management, Real Estate and Trusts & Estates.