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3 Mar 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Complimentary GDPR Enforcement Tracker From MLex®

The interactive GDPR Enforcement Tracker helps users understand:

  • The trends in enforcement (i.e., the consequences of not complying with GDPR regulations), and which countries/sectors/areas of data protection regulators are actively enforcing
  • The monetary risk of certain practices
  • Supporting evidence for advice given to a client regarding data protection policies

You can filter by country, company, sector or keyword. The GDPR Enforcement Tracker is updated regularly and contains links to source documents for MLex customers.

Search tips:

  • Potential keywords to search: cookies, children, breach, “Art. 12” (as in Article 12 to find decisions based on specific articles)
  • To reset the tracker, refresh your browser.

Check out the GDPR Enforcement Tracker.