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12 Mar 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

COVID-19 Search Tips and Links to Resources

Law librarians are at the center of helping their organization monitor the COVID-19 coronavirus around the world, as well as implications for their business and clients. The following tips and resources are offered to help with that process using the LexisNexis products you subscribe to.

Your LexisNexis account team is here to help, whether with refining the suggestions below or helping to define additional pathways to needed information.


Lexis Advance®: “covid-19” or coronavirus or (corona /5 virus)

  • Set up Alerts: Search “Everything” and expand “Select Category” to set up in desired content types.

Nexis Newsdesk™:

  • Use parenthesis e.g. (“covid-19” OR coronavirus OR (corona NEAR/3 virus))
  • Set up Alerts or Newsletters based on saved search feeds

Declaration of the current pandemic and past pandemics

Find information on both current and past declarations of pandemics. Pandemics were declared with a number of previous illness including swine flu, avian flu, H1N1, and more.

Lexis Advance: Expand “Select Categories” to view results by content type. Use filters to refine.

Nexis Newsdesk:
Search broader news content including the open web.

  • declar* NEAR/10 pandemic
  • (infectious OR contagious OR communicable) NEAR/10 disease NEAR/30 (procedure OR policy)
  • pandemic NEAR/30 (policy OR procedure)


Lexis Advance:

LexisNexis® State Net® subscribers: coronavirus legislation and regulations nationwide update available. Contact your State Net representative to have the update sent to you. Learn more

Links to specific Lexis Advance content:


News on coronavirus and the legal industry from major publications (Links are auto-updating and sorted by most recent):

Legal News - Issues and Ramifications for the Law:

Legal News -Economy and Hiring:

Law Review Articles on Pandemics: 

     Website: Elsevier Novel Coronavirus Information Center

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your Librarian Relations Consultant or LexisNexis  representative.