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26 Nov 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Enhanced Ravel™ View

Leverage data visualizations to identify citing patterns and trends across time and jurisdictions. The lines connecting cases indicate a citing relationship between the cases in your results list. The overall view has been enhanced for optimal readability and interaction. Case results are connected in four ways: 

  • Citation frequency, i.e., how influential each case may be. The larger the circle, the more the case has been cited.
  • Chronologically: The horizontal axis shows when the cases were decided, from oldest to newest.
  • By jurisdiction: The vertical axis shows the highest federal court at the top, then lower federal courts, followed by state courts; and
  • Search relevance: The higher the circle within the court’s horizontal “swim lane,” the more relevant to your search results it is.

This popular timesaving tool allows researchers to quickly identify the most influential cases and ensures you don’t overlook critical cases. In addition, Ravel View helps you instantly see how cases are related and the corresponding Shepard’s® treatment.

View this short Ravel View how-to video on the Lexis+ service.