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2 Dec 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Enhancements to Smartindexing Negative News Filters

Negative News search results available via the Lexis+® and Lexis® services now have more nuanced filtering options for uncovering Negative Personal News and Negative Business News. Listed below are the expanded pre- and post-search filter types.*

  • Negative miscellaneous ews
  • Negative Business News
  • Negative Personal News
  • Negative Crime & Legal News
  • Negative Economic News
  • Negative Environmental News
  • Negative Political News
  • Negative Societal News
  • Negative Technology News

*Post-search filtering works on all documents; pre-search filtering works only on documents loaded after Nov 16, 2021. (This will be corrected in early 2022.)

You can use the Negative News taxonomy terms as either a pre-search filter or post-search filter.

Pre-search filter
Use the search box to add your terms with subject(Negative News) to the query.

Post-search filter
Refine search results on the left using the Negative News taxonomy located under the Subject taxonomy.

First level view below:

Ability to drill down to: