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16 May 2019 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Exciting new delivery and search enhancements to Context on Lexis Advance®

New Full and Customized Reports now available!

Create a comprehensive full report (all pages of Context) on a judge or expert witness in Context on Lexis Advance. The delivery dialog is modified to include the ability to create a full report or customized report.

Create a Full Report

Select Full Report and click Next to choose the delivery method (Download, Print or Email) and click Finish to receive the full report (includes Overview, Analytics and Related Materials) in the desired delivery method.


Customize the Report

Select Custom and click Next to select sections of the Context report that you want to be included in the final report.

Once sections of the report are selected and the delivery method (Download, Email or Print) is chosen, click Finish to receive the customized report on a judge or expert witness.


New Search by Area of Expertise to locate potential expert witnesses

Users can now find experts by Area of Expertise. When you type in a word or phrase, you will be prompted with available Areas of Expertise.

Select the Area of Expertise and retrieve a results list containing experts in that area. Use the filters on the left to expand or narrow your search for experts.

Select an Expert Witness to view the Overview, Analytics and Related Materials.

Learn more about Context here.