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14 Jul 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Exciting New Enhancements to Lexis+® Brief Analysis

New enhancements help users identify arguments that have won and go directly to case recommendations that support their side's position in the litigation matter or undermine their opponent's position. 

    When viewing the Similar Briefs tab, the Winning Briefs tag* will flag successful briefs and operate as a filter, so users can focus only on successful briefs.

    Also, additional information will now be provided in Similar Briefs including:

    • Identification of an attorney, law firm and judge, with links to Context reports for these entities
    • A motion history chain and outcome information to give the user more context about the case and links to the related documents to help users select briefs that have been successful in court

      *Currently available for briefs filed in federal court.

    View case recommendations that specifically support your side's position in the litigation matter or undermine your opponent's position. Features include:

    • The favorable authority/unfavorable authority toggle that allows the user to go directly to case recommendations that support or undermine their position
    • ‘tag’ on the top of the case makes it easy for a user to identify whether the case is favorable or unfavorable to their position. Cases without a favorable or unfavorable tag are neutral or may have a less clear outcome
    • New data within the results section which provides greater insights about the case and allows users to better evaluate the relevancy of the matter. If available*, it will include:
      • Moving Party at trial (e.g., Plaintiff or Defendant)
      • Motion Type (e.g., Motion to Dismiss)
      • Trial outcome (e.g., Granted or Denied)

*The above data is not available for all cases but is based upon the metadata available within the case.

Outcome and Relevant passage remain as features in Case Recommendations.

A new Procedural pod in Brief Analysis has been added to the dashboard showing the procedural information extracted from the uploaded document. That information is used to determine whether a recommended case is favorable or unfavorable.