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20 May 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Find court information quickly with the new Court Availability table released on Lexis Advance® CourtLink®

Find the court information you need with the recently released Court Availability table that gives users a quick view of the features and status of every court offered by the Lexis Advance CourtLink service, including:

  • Court type
  • Court county/location
  • Alerts and tracks availability
  • Access to online documents from the court
  • Availability of strategic profiles
  • Date the court information was last updated

All the important data in the table’s columns can be sorted and filtered, so users can save time locating specific court information for their jurisdictions.

How to access the Court Availability table

Click the Court Availability link under the court list box:

The Court Availability table will open in its own page: Note all the filters across the top and sorting options. For example, the illustration shows a list of California Superior Courts: