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14 Jun 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Gain judicial insights quickly with new Lexis Answers™ judge cards

Find background facts and cases related directly to your judge—no search needed. Just enter the word judge, magistrate or justice and a judge’s name in the Red Search Box at Lexis Advance®. Your results will display a new Lexis Answers™ judge card. Tens of thousands of judges are covered, from federal to local. New judge cards include background information and links to available recent and noteworthy (seminal) cases, as well as available cases frequently cited by the judge and cases citing to the judge.

Use your “print screen” function to print judge cards. Use Lexis Advance delivery functions (print, email, folders etc.) to deliver just the results list or specific cases. Lexis Answers questions are saved as searches in your History for 90 days; return to your search and get the Lexis Answers judge card plus updated results.

You can also use Lexis Answers to quickly get a definition, elements, burden of proof, standards of review, legal doctrine and statutes of limitation.

Download the Lexis Answers overview.