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14 Sep 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Greenwashing and ESG. Why it Matters

Greenwashing Scrutiny Continues to Increase

Consumer demands for sustainable goods and services are higher than ever and a top priority for companies around the globe. As companies market their goods and services around this topic, there is a high risk of “greenwashing” in their marketing. Greenwashing is making unsubstantiated or misleading environmental claims in marketing. Regulators in the United States are beginning to ramp up enforcement of greenwashing, and this focus extends beyond consumer goods into myriad other areas—including the marketing of investment funds. For instance, the SEC recently proposed new rules that would increase the disclosure requirements for funds that include terms such as “ESG,” “sustainable,” or “low-carbon” in their names, as well as for advisers who consider ESG factors in their advisory business. In addition to regulatory activity of this nature, the courts have seen a substantial increase in litigation around this important issue. Here are some key resources to get you up to speed on this emerging issue:

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