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20 Jan 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Introducing Lexis+™ Litigation Analytics

With Lexis+ Litigation Analytics, litigators will be able to truly understand the factors with the greatest impact on a case, all in a single platform. Get accurate insights on judges, courts, attorneys and law firms, and complete litigation tasks more efficiently.


  • Understand the big picture background for a judge or court with insights into top practice areas, filings over time, overall timing and damages. Compare the same with other courts and judges.
  • Level set expectations and price matters accordingly with insights into timing for milestones before specific judges and courts.
  • Contextualize your understanding of the judge or court with views of underlying cases and experience.
  • Compare judge behavior and courtroom trends over time in federal district court with the Courts & Judges Comparator.

Powered by industry-leading Lex Machina® analytics and unrivaled Lexis® CourtLink® coverage, Lexis+ Litigation Analytics delivers the industry’s only end-to-end litigation experience, providing the most accurate insights into judges, courts, attorneys and law firms.
Sign in to your Lexis+ account today and experience even more results with Litigation Analytics.

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View these videos and PDFs for an overview of Lexis+ Litigation Analytics: