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29 Sep 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Is GDPR Doing It’s Job? A special MLex® Report

This MLex® Special Report crunches the data on how the E.U.’s pioneering privacy law has been enforced over its first four years. 

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The E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation has revolutionized privacy enforcement since coming into effect in 2018, spawning copycat legislation around the world and forcing companies large and small to fundamentally rethink their approach to data protection.

But how effective is the law? What trends can be seen in its enforcement? And where is there room for improvement? MLex has dug into the raw data of the 1,500 fines imposed so far to get a forensic picture of the GDPR’s workings.

Download your complimentary copy of the Special Report today to benefit from this unique piece of analysis by MLex.

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Download the Report