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21 Aug 2019 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Lexis Answers™ now includes Expert Witness Cards

AI-enabled Lexis Answers™ is a quick way to get answers to common legal questions including definitions, elements, burden of proof, standards of review and more. Now you can leverage the power of Lexis Answers to

  • Identify an expert and get a glimpse into their background.
  • Enter an expert name in the Lexis Advance® search box and find an expert’s areas of expertise, contact information and links to vital intelligence like testimony, challenges and more—no additional searches needed.
  • You’ll also see exclusive charts that show you the expert’s cases by top jurisdiction and cases by hiring parties.

In the search box, simply start entering expert (name) and the word wheel will surface options

Select the expert of interest and click search to retrieve results including the Expert Witness Card.