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21 Oct 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Lexis Answers® taken to a new level on Lexis+

The powerful data-driven Lexis Answers tool has been expanded to find documents that directly answer almost any question entered, and resolve legal questions with ease by locating the answers directly within the document where the answer is found.

Simply search any natural language legal question to find the most relevant answer and document. For example, if you search “Can I use force to prevent a police officer from entering my home without a warrant in Indiana,” the Answers section appears above the full search results.

Discover citable authority efficiently, without having to search for and read lengthy documents. Link directly into the document to the passage (answer).

The Lexis Answers tool is visible only in the Cases content category for now, and will be triggered only by natural language formatted questions when our AI-driven intelligence identifies documents that directly answer the question. Up to 10 answers will surface, followed by full search results.

Watch this short Lexis Answers how-to video.

Check it out for yourself with free Lexis+ trial access now.