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13 Oct 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Lexis+® Enhancements: Search Within Query Builder and Folder Features

Search Within Results is a useful way to narrow results, and now the query builder enables users to create a precision query if desired.*  

​Once a researcher clicks into the Search Within Results search box, a query builder will display commonly used connectors. The query builder chips can be clicked on to quickly create a query or they can be hovered over to answer researcher questions about how search connectors work. This is an optional feature and is not required to use.

Should a user prefer to search the full document for additional words using segments, they can select from the dropdown menu and choose from a list of available segments. While Search Within a Segment functionality was available previously, the segment dropdown is now in a new location.

Lexis+ Ability to Download Annotations and Highlights From Documents in Folders:

​Highlights and annotations available in documents already saved within Folders can be downloaded from the Search results page. The user will be presented with an option in the download dialog.

Jurisdiction Column added to Folders

Users can see a saved document's corresponding jurisdiction. Additionally, the jurisdiction column has a sorting option so researchers can easily organize documents by jurisdiction alphabetically.


*This feature will be enabled for all Lexis+ subscribers over the next few days.