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10 Mar 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

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This weeks’ podcast is Ukraine crisis puts platforms under regulatory pressure; UK lawmakers target Russian money.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine isn’t the first war to be chronicled online, but social media and other internet platforms have played a particularly important role in the conflict. The prominence of the war may now lead to tighter regulatory scrutiny from governments on both sides of the conflict amid claims and counterclaims about state-backed disinformation campaigns. Also on the podcast, we discuss how, after years of indecision, the UK government appears to be serious about introducing tough legislation that will target suspect money flowing through the country’s financial system. The proposed law, which would also introduce a register of foreign entities, has long been considered, but it was the crisis in Ukraine and the need to address Russian interests in the UK that got the bill off the drawing board.

Website: Ukraine crisis puts platforms under regulatory pressure




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