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1 Dec 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

MLex® Special Report: Big Tech grapples with an Asia-Pacific regulatory reboot

Google®, Apple® and Meta® Platforms have increasingly found themselves in the crosshairs of regulators across the Asia-Pacific, as watchdogs seek to redefine how some of the world’s largest companies do business—with varying degrees of success. The regulatory landscape has been changing fast, with leadership handovers and new approaches to handling the dominance of digital platforms.

In this Special Report, MLex® examines the broader narrative which has emerged across the region, connecting what at first appeared to be incremental, geographically distinct stories on the regulation of Big Tech.

Download your complimentary copy of the report today to benefit from this unique piece of analysis, including:

  • Australia’s Big Tech enforcement ambitions undimmed by leadership change
  • South Korea’s bold initiative of self-regulation for platforms comes under pressure
  • Japan’s soft approach to digital-sector regulation faces moment of truth
  • India argues for “ex ante” powers to tackle Big Tech’s anticompetitive behavior
  • Tech giants increasingly a target amid regulatory changes across Southeast Asia.

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