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9 Sep 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

New CourtLink® Enhancements including court templates

Now available—the court templates feature has been highly anticipated by CourtLink users, since it saves time and effort when setting up searches. Users who frequently search in the same courts can now keep those courts as favorites. They will appear at the top of the court list for quick selection the next time the user runs a search.

To create a template, users can elect one or more court systems and click the link Save Courts as Template. If you choose, you can give the template a custom name.

The next time you search, your template will appear in a separate section at the top of your court list. Expanding the template will display the court systems it covers.


Floating Search and Create Alert buttons
New floating Search and Create Alert buttons are visible at the bottom of your screen, regardless of where you are on a search form. This makes it easier to run a search or save your criteria as an alert (see bottom of image above).