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25 Oct 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

New enhancements to federal cases on Lexis Advance

A “notice of appeal terminated” has been added to applicable cases and placeholder reporter cites to those cases a court will report until an official citation is available.

Notice of appeal terminated

In June 2018, we enhanced federal cases by including a notice of appeal filed to applicable federal cases cautioning users that the opinion has been appealed, and added a yellow Shepard’s Signal indicator on the case.

Soon after, docket numbers were included, which allow users to find the exact court action for the appeal filed. Now users will notice a message indicating if and when the appeal was terminated.

These enhancements are found both in the subsequent history segment on the case as well as in the appellate history section in Shepard’s Citations Service.

Reporter placeholder citations added to federal cases

Placeholder reporter cites are being added to federal cases starting in January 2018 to help users locate reported cases as part of their results. Placeholder cites will be replaced with actual reporter cites once available. Customers will now be able to find cases pending publication as well as reported cases by selecting the Reported Cases option in the Publication Status post-search filter.