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9 Dec 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

New ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Custom Search in Nexis Diligence™

A custom news search in Nexis Diligence enables users to capture ESG-related news articles associated with the entity being searched. Located in the “Custom News Searches” section under Preferences > Person Check or > Company Check, these premade searches help users better monitor ESG factors as part of their due diligence efforts.

ESG has gained greater importance to investors, policymakers and other key stakeholders because it is seen as a way to safeguard businesses from future risks.

  • Environmental: Looks at the impact of resource consumption of any business on the environment—for example, carbon footprint and waste-water discharge, among other environmental impacting activities.
  • Social: Looks at how business interacts with communities where it operates and at internal policies related to labor, diversity and inclusion policies, among others.
  • Governance: Relates to internal practices and policies that lead to effective decision making and legal compliance.

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