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9 Dec 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

New Lexis® CourtLink® Additions: More Illinois Courts and Selection Menu Capabilities

Illinois state court coverage in the CourtLink® service has expanded to 10 counties, the most of any major docket provider. New courts added:

  • DeKalb—A county in northern Illinois, DeKalb has a population of 100,000. Its county seat is Sycamore.
  • LaSalle—60 miles southwest of Chicago, LaSalle County has a population of 109,000, and its largest city is Ottawa.
  • Madison—This county is in southern Illinois, with a population of 264,000, making it the 9th largest in the state.
  • Vermillion—Located in eastern Illinois, Vermillion County has a population of 82,000 and is part of the Danville, IL, statistical area.

Each court will offer coverage of civil, domestic, probate, small claims and tax cases. Online documents are not available in these courts.

Enhanced court selection capabilities have recently been added to CourtLink, making it easier for users to find the courts they need, particularly by name.

The results layout has also improved, with each court displayed on a single row. However, users still can choose to navigate the tree structure by expanding each node to find their court. The new layout also means that users can search on commonly used names that combine the court’s location with its system, e.g. “Delaware Chancery” or “Los Angeles Superior.”

Learn more about Lexis CourtLink here.