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14 Jul 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

NEW: Lexis+™ Legal News Hub

Powered by Law360® and Law360® Pulse industry-leading content, Lexis+ Legal News Hub delivers breaking legal news and analysis from within the Lexis+ service. With Legal News Hub, keeping current on the latest developments in the law and the legal industry becomes a natural part of your workflow to help you stay on top of changes in the legal industry and better serve your clients and organizations.

All Lexis+ subscribers have access to the Legal News Hub. When signed in to Lexis+, select Legal News Hub from the experience dock on the left to browse the latest headlines.

Law360 and/or Law360 Pulse subscribers: Lexis+ users have access to headlines and the full articles to get a comprehensive view of what is taking place in the legal industry.

Law360 and/or Law360 Pulse non-subscribers: Lexis+ users that do not have a subscription will still enjoy access to headlines for awareness purposes and can sign up for newsletters. But access to go further and review the full text articles will be limited. The one exception is content related to access to justice, which Law360 provides free to anyone, both directly through the Law360 site and to Lexis+ subscribers through the Legal News Hub.

Lexis+ Legal News Hub provides access to:

  1. Top Stories: The list of articles includes the headline and a concise summary for the top 20 most important recent articles from all Law360 and Law360 Pulse sections in one combined feed.

  2. Trending: The Trending section lists the articles currently receiving the most views on Law360 and Law360 Pulse

  3. Section specific: Users may navigate directly to a specific section of legal news of most interest using the top menu and More ˅ drop-down menu (i.e., Intellectual Property, Securities, Employment, etc.). Lexis+ Legal News Hub includes coverage for all 76 practice areas and topics provided by Law360 and Law360 Pulse.

  4. Searching: Lexis+ users may search the latest headlines found within the Lexis+ Legal News Hub, as they can in the Law360 service. The results will include the most recent 20 stories that match the user’s search.

Lexis+ is a revolutionary ecosystem of integrated legal solutions that, with the inclusion of Legal News Hub, is the industry’s only end-to-end legal experience.

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