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19 May 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

New Shepard’s® History Timeline on Lexis+®

Users can quickly see the most important historical events that have impacted, or which have been impacted by the case you are Shepardizing™. The new graphical view on the Lexis+® platform makes it much easier for a user to see the most important cases in the history chain and spot relationships between the cases. Users are provided additional information about a particular citation in the graphical view when hovering over the “dot.” This new visualization helps users quickly find the cases that tell them whether their case is still good law from an appellate history perspective.

To view a Shepard’s history timeline report, click on History at the top or View History Report below the Citing Decisions Analysis graph:


The graphical view appears at the top of your results:

It is followed by the linear view of the timeline: