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10 Aug 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Complimentary U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center

The LexisNexis® Rule of Law Foundation launched a new research and analytics tool called the LexisNexis® U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center. This first-of-its-kind resource shines a spotlight on voting laws and legislation in the U.S., bringing transparency to information that has historically been difficult to access and understand.

The initial release of the U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center provides free, public access to a comprehensive collection of U.S. federal and state election and voting laws. This includes proposed legislation, codes, voting-related information and graphics. It uses legislative data from LexisNexis® State Net® and codes from Lexis+®, providing full-text access and real-time updates to existing and proposed state and federal laws. This gives lawmakers, journalists, non-profit organizations, legal professionals, academics, students, and the public, timely, fact-based, and unbiased data on voting and election laws.

Check it out.