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14 Apr 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Noise filters integrated into the Simple Search template on Nexis Newsdesk™

The new Simple Search option in Nexis Newsdesk provides an easy, template-driven way to construct an effective search without having to know accepted Boolean search commands. One of the best features of Simple Search is the application of “Noise Filters” that exclude unwanted documents for your search results including stock performance, obituaries, sports references and more.

After selecting your search template (e.g., Company, People, Topics or Everything Else), entering your search terms and selecting your media types, you can designate the results you want (see image below).

Under Remove the noise, click customize. All the noise filters below are applied by default; however, you can click on Exclude to the right of a filter to include content related to this subject matter.

Learn more about the Nexis Newsdesk service here.