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13 Jan 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Preparing for 2021: Environmental Law Under Biden Administration, Telehealth, E-Discovery Trends, COVID-19 and Ransomware Insurance Claims, and Litigation Issues

Check out these resources on anticipated changes and issues in 2021.*

Environmental Law
Resources to prepare for the possibility of mandatory climate-related SEC disclosures under the Biden administration:

Three Environmental Enforcement Trends to Watch Under Biden
How Climate, Finance and Trade Will Intersect in 2021
Three Environmental Law in Real Est. & Bus. Transactions § 16.03 Disclosure Under Regulation S-K
Four Treatise on Environmental Law § 9.09 Other Public Information Disclosure Requirements; Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Regulations
One Liability of Corporate Officers and Directors § 10.10 Climate Change
Corporate Sustainability
Climate Regulation in International Jurisdictions
Climate Change Considerations in M&A Transactions
Risk Factor Drafting for a Registration Statement


Federal and state government responses to COVID-19 accelerated the massive expansion of telehealth in the United States. Healthcare organizations must keep a close eye on reimbursement rules and decide how much to spend on infrastructure and expensive IT projects. LexisNexis® offers you the tools you need to keep apprised of telehealth developments.

Four Key Areas as Biden Sets New Health Policy Path in 2021
COVID-19 Telehealth Boom Demands Better Privacy Practices
How COVID-19 Accelerated Telehealth in 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Key CMS Regulatory Guidance Tracker
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Legal Issues for Healthcare Organizations
Coronavirus Resource Kit: Healthcare
Health Care Law Sourcebook: Telehealth Services
Recent Federal Register Telehealth Activity
Hospital Liability: Chapter 17A Telemedicine
Taxation of Hospitals & Health Care Organizations: § 15.18 Taxation of Telemedicine and Electronic Commerce


E-Discovery Trends
The recent Law360® article Five Trends That Will Influence E-Discovery in 2021 states, “as we look forward to 2021 and beyond, changes in the way we work and communicate—including some brought on and accelerated by COVID-19—will bring new challenges for e-discovery vendors. We also expect the industry to continue refining its tools and workflows to increase efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness wherever possible.”

E-Discovery Best Practices (Federal)
E-Discovery: Planning for and Conducting E-Discovery
Electronically Stored Information: Preserving ESI (Federal)
Electronically Stored Information: Collecting ESI (Federal)
Technology-Assisted Review: Overview (Federal)
Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence
Electronic Discovery
Sanctions in Regard to Electronically Stored Information

COVID-19 and Ransomware Insurance Claims

COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims State Law Survey
Insurance Claims Resource Kit
Business Interruption Insurance
COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims Litigation
Insurance Coverage Disputes
New Appleman Insurance Bad Faith Litigation
Mealey’s® Daily News Updates—Coronavirus
Mealey’s® Coronavirus Law Report

Litigation Issues to Watch in 2021 From Practical Guidance

Document Review and Production Resource Kit (Federal)
E-Discovery Best Practices
Sanctions in Civil Cases Resource Kit
Civil Litigation Videos
Recording Depositions
(Moore’s Federal Practice®)


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