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19 Nov 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Recent Enhancements to Nexis Diligence™

Nexis Diligence updates:

  • New Post-Search Filter Added: Users can quickly filter search results based on Subject/Industry, available in all content types.


  • News and Custom News Deduplicated: When a search finds the same or highly similar documents in both News and Custom News categories, the results are deduplicated, and only one document will be displayed. Previously, this feature was only available in Negative News.


  • Improvements to Searches Run from History: When re-running a search from History, users’ original search parameters are used, which can then be amended using the Edit Search option in the results list.


  • Changes to French case documents: Improvements were made to the way French legal case are displayed.

  • Improvements to Wildcard Messaging: Messaging will appear under the Search Box if you use a wildcard with less than three letters.

  • Ordering Multiple Reports in Report Builder: Users can choose, under Advanced Formatting, the order in which report data should be delivered when downloading multiple report sets at the same time.


Visit the Nexis Diligence Support & Training site for more information.