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19 Nov 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Several new Lexis+™ enhancements to Search Tree, Practical Guidance forms, Brief Analysis and more

A variety of enhanced Lexis+ features and new options have been released including:

“Sticky” Search Term Maps legend

To help improve the usability of the search results page, the Search Term Maps legend now remains at the top of the results screen, even when you scroll. Now you can quickly see where specific search terms are concentrated in the results without needing to scroll back to the top to access the legend or trying to remember the color assigned to each term. 

Quick access to Search Tree when performing Boolean searches

The Search Tree on Lexis+ is a very popular way to see how your search was executed. With this enhancement, when you select Edit Search, the Search Tree automatically appears. The Search Tree provides helpful insights for adjusting and improving your Boolean search.

Name changes for several Forms content types

To more accurately reflect the content types, the following changes have been implemented.

  • The content type formerly labeled Forms has been renamed Sample Forms in the content type drop-down menu and the results list on the Lexis® and Lexis+ services.
  • The content type formerly labeled Forms, Clauses and Checklists has been renamed Annotated Templates and Checklists in the content type drop-down menu and results in the Lexis+ service. (Note: this content comes from Practical Guidance and is not available on the Lexis service.)


Toggle between light and dark home pages

Some users prefer a lighter look, so while the Lexis+ service was designed with a modern look and feel of a dark home page (the default view), we now offer the ability to toggle between a light or dark experience. Simply toggle from the moon (dark home page) to the sun (light home page) to set your preference across.. This change will persist from session to session.



Brief Analysis: Addition of At Risk indicator and case overviews

The Brief Analysis tool on Lexis+ now has an enhanced view within the Cited in Your Document tab, displaying case overviews and At Risk signals (when appropriate) to provide quick insight as to what the cited case is about and if any of the cases are at risk of being overruled on a specific point of law. The presence of this At Risk indicator provides advance notice to be wary of when using it in your brief.

Brief Analysis: Heat map navigation capability

You no longer have to scroll to find key passages within a recommended document. Now you can easily see where key passages are located and jump to any blue highlighted passage in the document.

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