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5 Dec 2019 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Share Context analytics reports within and outside your organization with new permalinks

Now you can share Context analytics reports with clients and others outside your organization. The new permalink is available on the top of each page of the report. Clicking Link to this page will generate a unique link that captures the search and filters applied to the search for the page the user is on when the permalink is generated.

Context subscribers who are already signed in to Lexis Advance will see an updated version of the page since the search will rerun, providing the most updated information.

Others not signed in to Lexis Advance can click on the link to see the shared page and navigate pages within the Context profile. The search will rerun, providing the most updated information. If links, filters or documents are clicked within the report page, the individual will be directed to a Contact us page if they do not have a Lexis Advance ID for sign-in.