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11 Mar 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Simple Search (formerly called Quick Search) in Nexis Newsdesk™ now available to all users

The new Simple Search option provides an easy template-guided experience to build a search based on the topic or task. Simple Search helps users maximize the potential of Nexis Newsdesk searching and metadata and provides a highly tailored search without Boolean expertise. Note in the image below that you can toggle between the Simple Search and Boolean Query search templates. The template selected is underlined in red.

For new users, Simple Search is the default option. For existing users, Boolean will continue to be the default option, but you can select Simple Search. The Nexis Newsdesk service remembers your last selection and will default to the last one you used.

  • You can edit your search criteria from the search results using the Simple Search slide-out view. (Boolean is still accessible, if needed.)
  • When reviewing the Refine keywords step of the search process, you now have more flexibility when choosing the logic of your contextual keywords.
  • Finally, we’ve added the power of the Remove the Noise tool to the post-search filters in search results.

Learn more about Nexis Newsdesk here.